Dialogflow Sentiment Analysis- Ultimate Chatbot Tutorial

Sentiment Analysis - Build Intelligent Chatbots using Dialogflow Sentiment Analysis. Learn how to build Intelligent Chatbots using Dialogflow Sentiment Analysis. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a chatbot and make it smarter by using the Dialogflow Sentiment Analysis. Understand your users better by integrating Google Cloud Natural Language API. Sentiment Analysis helps you understand the user's mood or sentiment. 

What you will learn and build. 

  • Build a chatbot from scratch.
  • Create an Agent to Human Handoff application
  • Nodejs app
  • Learn how to use Google Cloud and APIs
  • Enable the Sentiment Analysis API
  • How to call the Dialogflow API
  • Create a chatbot using Nodejs from scratch
  • Complete build of an app from start to finish

This tutorial shows you how to call the dialogflow API and also call the Google Cloud Natural Language API to perform Sentiment Analysis to better understand your users. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a complete chatbot from scratch and also create a backend to understand and capture the user conversation or utterance. This also covers how to switch or transfer chat from dialogflow agent to human operator. Learn more about Sentiment Score and Sentiment magnitude and how that can be used in your chatbot development. 

The sample code for this project can be found here. Make sure to follow the video to get the settings configured and private key in the correct location for it to work.

Sachin Kumar
July 14, 2021
67 mins