Sachin overlooking mountains in Cebu
Sachin mentoring students at the Arab Innovation Academy.
AIA and EIA Mentors group photo
Sachin along with hundreds of participants taking photo together during the Google Developers Group DevFest Manila 2022
Large venue with thousands of participants for the Google Event in MENA region
Group photo of all participants during the Google Cloud Certification Program
Highlight pics from Sachin's mentoring sessions.
Sachin as the keynote speaker for the World AI Show
Sachin as the speaker for Google MENA Event in Dubai Internet City
Sachin speaking at DevFest 2022 Cebu
Sachin during Cloud OnBoard 2020 in Doha
Sachin speaking at QITCOM Conference
Sachin speaking at VIT University, India
Sachin taking selfie with large audience
Sachin at Google MENA event in Dubai
Sachin with fellow Googlers and Mentors
Large conference in Oman
Sachin during Arab Innovation Academy
Sachin interacting with audience during the event
Sachin speaking at IO Extended Doha
Sachin along with other mentors
Sachin speaking as part of a panel discussion talk during QITCOM
Sachin at Global GDG Leads Summit 2019
Sachin speaking at an event.
Sachin during Google IO at shoreline amphitheater
Sachin along with other experts during Google MENA Summit in Dubai
Group photo during Google IO Extended Doha 2022
Sachin speaking at a Google event in Dubai
A large developer event
Sachin along with the entire participants of DevFest Cebu event
Sachin speaking at an event.
Sachin's profile photo
Sachin's Experts and Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor Certificate
Sachin during Google Developer Experts Summit
Google Developer Days India
Sachin along with other Mentors
A photo of Sachin attending an event
Sachin being recorded and interviewed by Google USA. A photo of behind the scenes.
Sachin interviewed by Google for the Assistant on Air Show