Create machine learning app with no code

Create Machine Learning app with no code. Learn how to create your own custom machine learning applications from scratch with no coding. In this video, you will learn how to build your own ML app and use it to automate daily tasks, home automation, or for your own service applications. We will build the following applications. 

Create Machine Learning Application

What we will Build

- Mask Detector using Machine Learning - Image Classifier 😷

- Home Automation using Machine Learning and IFTTT- Sound Recognition💡

- Pose Detection using Machine Learning - Pose🧍

- Identifying internal parts of the car using TFLite (Tensorflow Lite) for Android - Machine Learning Image Classifier 🤳🚘

Machine Learning Tools

  • Teachable Machine -
  • Tensorflow -
  • TensorFlow js - Tensorflow for Javascript -
  • Coral
  • TFLite for mobile and embedded systems
  • Tensorflow Lite

Github Code (Follow the instructions as shown in the video)

TensorFlow Lite image classification Android example application -

Sachin Kumar
September 30, 2020
65 mins