Chatbot to Human Handoff from scratch - Ultimate Chatbot Tutorial

Learn how to build a chatbot from scratch and do Chatbot to Human Handoff. Also, learn how to hand over or transfer the chat from bot to actual live agent. In this tutorial, you will build a simple Dialogflow agent, a Node.js server, and a web interface that together demonstrate an approach for handling text-based conversations from a Dialogflow agent to a human operator.

What you'll learn

  • Setup and Build a chatbot from Scratch using Dialogflow
  • Build and deploy a Node.js app
  • Build a web chat interface
  • How to handle text-based conversations from Dialogflow to Human
  • How to work with pre-defined or built-in agents.
  • Agent to Human Handoff
  • Test the entire solution with a dialogflow chatbot agent to human handoff

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This video is all about Chatbot to Human Handoff from scratch information but also try to cover the following subject:

  • Dialogflow handoff to a human
  • create a chatbot using dialogflow
  • chatbot and human agent
  • transfer chat to live agent
  • chatbot to live agent
  • Transfer chatbot to live chat

Features of the application that we will build. 

  • Agent will escalate to a human operator on-demand
  • Agent will escalate to a human operator after repeated failure to match an intent.
  • Server routes conversation between agent and human operator depending on context.
  • Server supports multiple concurrent conversations between customer, agent and operator.
  • Customer web client supports real-time chat with agent or operator.
  • Operator web client supports real-time observation and participation in multiple customer conversations.
  • Operator web client demonstrates alerting of operator in case of customer escalation.

Sachin Kumar
June 30, 2021
62 mins