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Breaking Barriers: Transforming Computer Science Education

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Sachin Kumar
October 15, 2023
Breaking Barriers: Transforming Computer Science Education

The event was an enriching experience where I engaged in conversations about beginning a career in computer science. I reflected on the essential technical skills needed for newcomers and recounted the challenges I faced when I started out, sharing how I overcame them. I emphasized the importance of inspiring young girls to pursue STEM fields and suggested ways to foster their curiosity in computer science. I also highlighted the role male allies can play in enhancing gender diversity in tech workplaces and educational settings. Sharing my experiences, I talked about collaborating with female colleagues and students, helping them excel in computer science, and I discussed the outcomes of these collaborations. I spoke on how male professionals can mentor young girls interested in computer science to help narrow the gender gap. Reflecting on my career, I shared the most rewarding aspects and how my career has evolved. Lastly, I discussed specific initiatives and programs I've been involved with, aimed at encouraging and supporting women in their computer science journeys. Also discussed about some of the tools thats available like teachable machine and mediapipe that can easily introduce beginners to get started in tech. The event was livestreamed in Facebook as well as via Google meet. We had 14 attendees in Google meet and 61 from Facebook live.

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